Saint Luna bottle

Our Premium Moonshine

We’re a curious contradiction, a premium moonshine, both complex and even, handcrafted in small batches from locally sourced molasses and rye, with the purest of water, then charcoal filtered to remove any impurities.

Here at Saint Luna we took an artful and scientific approach to moonshine, a staple of American history, and transformed it into an elevated spirit with complexity, character, style and versatile drink-ability.

Pull down a bottle for a sipping experience you’ll want to savor.

Saint Luna

Charcoal Filtered Moonshine


Our spirit, like our grain, is strong and adventurous, setting a new bar for moonshine.


The basis for a subtle sweet and smokey spirit unlike anything you've tried before​.

Charcoal Filtered

Pure and smooth. Ready to be mixed with soda, citrus, ginger, or sipped straight up.

Saint Luna Moonshine
Saint Luna Moonshine


Saint Luna is a crystal clear and pure spirit.


Full, sweet and spicy with aromas of vanilla, caramel and rye.


Soft and pleasing on the tongue, with a complex array of flavors that emit as vanilla, cinnamon and smoked pepper, followed by a leathery sweet background, finished smooth with a gentle kick.

Our Recent Awards

San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge: Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Silver Medal

SIP Awards Unaged Whisky/Moonshine: Bronze Medal

SIP Awards Bottle Design: Bronze Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge: Very Good, Strong Recommendation

Saint Luna Moonshine
We choose

our story

Friends know that we love to entertain with a focus on pairing cocktails, food and wine to create memorable experiences. We are inspired by all things classic and artful with a passion for creating something new and different. We choose to produce the smoothest most flavorful premium moonshine ever made.

A chance meeting with our brilliant distiller, who has been refining our moonshine recipe for decades, is how we are able to offer you a moonshine that tastes so delicious you will want to sip it over ice and savor.

Our Favorite

Adventures & Cocktails

David Suk
CEO & Co-Founder

David's adventurous spirit

  • Spice: Sage
  • Destination: Fire Island Pines
  • Cocktail: Dry Saint Luna Martini
Saint Luna Martini

Scott Smith
The Distiller

Scott's adventurous spirit

  • Spice: Pepperberry
  • Destination: Memphis
  • Cocktail: Saint Luna Neat
Saint Luna Neat

Raegan Moya-Jones

Raegan's adventurous spirit

  • Spice: Saffron
  • Destination: Oz
  • Cocktail: Moonlight Revival
Moonlight Revival

TJ Rutkowski

TJ's adventurous spirit

  • Spice: Turmeric
  • Destination: St. Anton, Austria
  • Cocktail: Lunar Paloma
Lunar Paloma


Saint Luna Adventures