Saint Luna

Saint Luna

Charcoal Filtered Moonshine

The adventurous spirit for adventurous spirits. 

Here at Saint Luna we took an artful and scientific approach to moonshine, a staple of American history, and transformed it into an elevated spirit with complexity, character, style and versatile drink-ability.

Pull down a bottle for a sipping experience you’ll want to savor.


Our Team

David Suk

Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and overall cocktail enthusiast. David first hit the market in May of 2019, in NYC with the simple idea; pay homage to one of the first ever American spirits. Be different, be unique and embrace that in our spirit and ethos. David lives and works out of Hoboken, NJ with his two dogs Ed and Bernie. 

David Suk
Aubrey Slater Wine Enthusiast Future 40

Aubrey Slater

Wine Enthusiast Future 40

Congratulations to our very own Chief Brand Development Queen on smashing Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 list! 

Scott & Paige Smith

As Saint Luna’s distiller, Scott makes sure we have the best moonshine imaginable. He also works with Paige to keep sales and distribution growing. If you happen to see them out, Paige will probably have a Spicy Coco Luna-Rita, and Scott will be sipping chilled Saint Luna straight up. 

Scott and Paige Smith
TJ Rutkowski

TJ Rutkowski

TJ covers Saint Luna’s finance, operations and tech. He loves a challenge and is passionate about helping others. When he’s not trying to save the world, you just may catch him mixing Lunar Mules with his husband by the pool.

Sam Breen

Samantha Breen

Sam serves as Saint Luna’s PR and marketing lead. She lives in Nashville with her husband and two dogs and loves nothing more than kicking back with Cucumber Eclipse at the end of a long day.

Sam Breen

Saint Luna

Charcoal Filtered Moonshine

50% ABV | 750ML

Saint Luna bottle

Premium Moonshine

Take a sip and you will experience the slight undercurrent of swagger that comes from the freedom a smooth yet elevated taste brings.

Saint Luna bar tools
SAINT LUNA Charcoal Filtered Moonshine

Luminary Liquor

Contradictions are a beautiful thing. Balanced and provocative, smooth and edgy. Saint Luna is a luminary liquor that attracts those who know how to savor the moment, the bar-before-the-table, the song, the party, the back deck and the after hours.

Craft Spirit

RYE: Strong and adventurous, setting a new bar for moonshine.

MOLASSES: Subtle, sweet, and smokey, unlike anything you’ve tried before​.

CHARCOAL FILTERED: Pure and smooth, ready to be mix or sip straight up.

Saint Luna awards


San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge:
Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition:
Silver Medal

SIP Awards Unaged Whisky/Moonshine:
Bronze Medal

SIP Awards Bottle Design:
Bronze Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge:
Very Good, Strong Recommendation

Contradictions are a beautiful thing.
Balanced and provocative, smooth and edgy.

By David Suk, Saint Luna Spirits Co-founder & CEO

It was Thanksgiving 2016, and after having cooked a fabulous meal for my family I sat to unwind with a good glass of wine, okay, maybe several. Perhaps it was the great conversation or the wine, but nonetheless, the idea for Saint Luna was born.

I thought, you have this amazing piece of American history that had yet to be made premium, and if I could be the person to do that, I could essentially create a new category of spirit and a blank canvas to create something special. I’d need to create something smooth, delicate and easily mixed. But, I wasn’t a distiller, just someone with an idea. By way of fate, I was introduced to my now partner and good friend, Scott Smith. Scott is a chemical engineer by day, and as it turned out, a moonshiner in his spare time.

At the time I had the idea for Saint Luna I was thriving in my career, and knew I didn’t have the bandwidth for Saint Luna, so I put the idea on hold. A few years later, things at work had changed in a way that I knew it was time to leave and start my own business. I woke up one morning and called Scott to ask him if I could try his moonshine. Later that week I flew down to Chattanooga, met up with Scott and drove out to his friend’s farm in Georgia, right on the other side of Lookout Mountain. He had a homemade still set up in the driveway, and we sat there all afternoon stilling the most beautiful spirit ever, Saint Luna.

Next, I recruited my best friend TJ Rutkowski, based on his experience, to be a partner in Saint Luna to manage our operations, technology and finances. Saint Luna officially launched in May 2019 at Jean-Georges’ Nougatine and Employees Only and has continued to expand across the US.

Most recently, Aubrey Slater joined the Saint Luna founding team as our Chief Brand Development Queen and Head Mixologist.

David Suk

By Aubrey Slater, Chief Brand Development Queen

With second level sommelier certification, my experience spans wineries, cruise ships and fine dining across the globe. I have created cocktails in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Maui, Berlin, and Prague based on training from industry professionals including Dale DeGroff and Sother Teague. I am a proud trans woman, former First Lieutenant in The USMC, and a true hospitality professional. As a partner and Chief Brand Development Queen for Saint Luna, I know that life is an adventure full of curious contradictions.

Aubrey Slater Wine Enthusiast Future 40

Scott and Paige SmithBy Scott Smith, Saint Luna Spirits Distiller

I brewed my first batch of beer at age sixteen. The process of crafting a mash and fermenting it into the bubbly treat that is beer was amazing to me.

My beer making hobby lasted into sophomore year of college. I was brewing beer every two to four weeks, experimenting with different yeasts, sugars, malts, hops, etcetera. One of the realities of experimentation is failure, and fermentation is no exception. If something is not clean enough, the yeast isn’t quite right, the formula/recipe is too far to one side or the other you will have a failure. These failures are typically just really bad tasting beer. Which was unfortunate, because as a college student money was quite tight and it was a pretty sad state of affairs when I had to dump out the batch of beer I waited so patiently to enjoy.

How does this relate to distillation? One October in Johnson City, Tennessee, I was at a field party. I was handed a mason jar filled with purple liquid that everyone was drinking and passing around the fire. Of course, I had to taste it. When I put the jar to my lips I was greeted with a strong alcohol nose, then a taste with a rough alcohol bite, followed by a subtle blackberry flavor that burned all the way to my stomach. The look on my face must have been quite interesting because the guy next to me slapped me on the back and said, “damn good hooch aint it”.

This was my first taste of moonshine, and at that moment it hit me; distillation is the answer to the bad tasting beer batches, only I did not have to wait for a bad batch of beer because the mash-to-still process is much faster than mash to drinkable beer. The next day I set out to construct a still capable of turning my fermenting beer mash into moonshine.

Having grown up in a family of chemists, and being a chemistry student myself, distillation skills were already in my wheelhouse. Four days later my own moonshine was born, and needless to say I pretty much abandoned brewing beer after that day. I focused on how to make a spirit that embodied the soul of beer, in that it didn’t come from corn. Admittedly, corn is an exciting part of moonshine history, but in my opinion, it does not make the best “sipping whiskey.”

Over the next 25 years I experimented with many different distillation set-ups, modifying my still and testing various sugar sources. While living in East Tennessee I grew apples, peaches, black berries and muscadine grapes, all of which became mainstay ingredients for my batches. Many of my experiments had quite good flavor, however something wasn’t quite matching my vision. In reality, I was creating some really great farm to table Schnapps, but that was not my goal. I wanted to make a unique whiskey.

Looking back, the real transition to what is Saint Luna Moonshine today happened when I met a gentleman who owned a molasses production facility. He provided me with fresh molasses for baking, which I promptly used to make mash. The first few batches were truly amazing! The yield was very high, the waste was minimal, and most importantly the flavor was very close to what I knew I was looking for.

Not long after I started using molasses, I moved to West Tennessee. Low and behold became friends with a guy who farmed rye, among other things. From my beer making past I knew I liked the spicy edge rye puts on a mash.

So, living in the small community High Point Terrace, in Memphis, Tennessee, with my still, local rye, pure molasses, and a passion for the chemical process, I zeroed in on the flavor profile and process that is Saint Luna Moonshine. I hope you try it, and love it as much as I do.

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